Our backgroundS

Amy Ansel - Founder, Chief Operations Officer

Amy is a global alliance communications expert with 2 decades in the tech industry as an executive program manager.  She is detail-oriented and loves telling a good story, connecting good people and resources. Amy is translating her corporate know-how to the hemp industry by strategically partnering with the right resources and individuals.  Ideation & communication, strategy, activation and winning others over are her top 5 strengths.   She brings a wealth of knowledge in operations and programming with product dev, product launch events and B2B customer facing engagements.  Amy is a strong, decisive leader with excellent team-building and planning skills.  

Tanya Hart - Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Tanya brings a wealth of management and operational experience with over 3 decades in the wine industry, translating industry expertise as a 20 year entrepreneur. From owning a distributorship, a successful retail chain of fine wine shops and a brand marketing company, Tanya provides seasoned management leadership, innovative execution, relationship connectivity, supplier & distribution management, brand creative & building, operations and business intelligence to a compliance regulated industry.  

David Abecassis - Founder, Chief Science Officer

David is a custom Polymer R&D and Product Manufacturing expert.  Along with this territory he retains Corporate Governance, Inventions and IP in Science.  His green chemistry technology Innovations based on natural raw materials for environmental and agricultural applications reign supreme, ready to transform the Fortune 500 commodities.  Part of his day to day involves directing and coordinating scientific development and validation of thermoplastic nanotechnology platforms. David write patents for Titan BioPlastics, as well as participating in the business strategy as a managing partner.  Hailing from Rutgers University, where he did Bioremediation R&D under Dr. Richard Bartha.  David is the first author to correlate biologically induced soil clumping to hydrocarbon clean up limits during bioremediation.