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David Abecassis Achievements: 

  • Ranked 7473 worldwide as inventors.

  • Developed world’s first mass producible nanotechnology platform for plastics.

  • Developed world’s first non-GMO, cost-effective USDA certified-organic farming- compatible chitinase technology.

  • Invented world’s first cost-effective nitrogen removal system for septic wastewater.

  • Headed up team that developed foam stabilizer for Dow Chemical’s “Great Stuff” both latex and acrylic formulas.

  • Developed first effective add-mix for concrete for efflorescence blockage. (for then Master-builders, now BASF Add Mix)

  • Developed first nano-composite coating for decorative concrete.

Award winning radio host Rich Walcoff interviews Titan Bioplastics Chief Tech Officer, David Abecassis where they explore what's different in bioplastics today and learn more about a new realm in nanotechnology.


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