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Titan Bioplastics Business Model

  • As a formulation technology company, we charge clients a royalty to license our material IP for exclusive or non-exclusive use.

  • Exclusive licenses can control markets, and include sub-license terms, along with minimum sales requirements attached to the license.

  • We sell compounded resin materials to our clients.

  • We sell masterbatch resins

  • We sell masterbatch Titan Nanofill loaded resin in either PE, PP, PET and PLA

  • Each formulation is only licensed to the specific market. This means formulations can alternatively be licensed to multiple segments of industry.

  • We credit any custom development fees back to the client with a licensing agreement.



  • Companies are being forced by consumer consensus to approach bio material options.

  • Lack of science expertise to adopt formulation for large scale manufacturing.

  • The use of nanotechnology in bio materials is a very select science.

  • Our integrated marketing is able to articulate & integrate the effective messaging.

  • 8.3 billion tons of plastic made so far today.

  • 6.3 billion tons have become trash

  • 79% of that waste is currently sitting in landfills.

  • ​8 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean every year.

  • By 2050 we will have 12 billion tons in landfill

  • Plastic production has doubled every 15 years and is currently outpacing every other man made material.

  • The US recycles less than 9% of its plastic every year.

  • It takes from 50 – 1,000 years for plastic to degrade.

  • Plastic chemicals can be absorbed by the body (93% of Americans age six and older test positive for BPA in their systems)

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